About Digital Money

With the Government's flagship Digital India Programme, adoption of digital payments and enabling a seamless payment experience will play a crucial role in realizing the vision of a digitally empowered economy. The Indian payments industry has come a long way and still has a vast untapped potential to enable consumers transact, transfer electronically with ease, speed and security and to take India to a deserving leadership position globally.

The digital payments space is reinventing itself with each passing day as the payments industry is turning into an effective pile of innovation and trials. Catering to the massive proliferation of digital payments in recent times, Digital Money 2015 is a conference designed to assess and empower the digital payments landscape. The conference is focused on the multichannel approach & other emerging trends instigating unified and seamless customer experience in regards to Digital Payments. The conference is designed to be a premier source of information & interaction, where industry leaders, stalwarts and regulator speak about the initiatives and insights drive the growth of the digital payment industry


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